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 SBL Clan Rules

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Bboy Omni

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PostSubject: SBL Clan Rules   Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:14 am

All this rules, is the most important thing that you should know, do all the rules, and don't break it.
you would get banned/kicked from the clan if you doesn't obey the rules.

1.[SBL] Clan is a family clan, don't be a betrayer and leaving the clan without even tell the reason.Don't leave the clan unless you get right reason for quit.
2.Be a good member, don't get yourself into problem.Fighting with your own friends is so stupid.
3.Do the best as [SBL] member.Try for get better and become a good battler is 1 of what the 3rd rules mean.
4.If you found a [SBL] member in ladder, ask for draw in the 1st turn,respect other member that ask draw too, if no 1 of the guy that battling wish to draw, than you can continue the match.
5.You can join multiple clans, but only a maximum of 3 clans. don't join other clan if you already got 3.But please, be a good member and stay at the family, Smile

Don't break the rules, all of them is the most important.and make sure that you are worth as member.
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SBL Clan Rules
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