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 [Joking]Legendary Gym! Uber PowerXD

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[Joking]Legendary Gym! Uber PowerXD Empty
PostSubject: [Joking]Legendary Gym! Uber PowerXD   [Joking]Legendary Gym! Uber PowerXD I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 28, 2012 11:22 am

Hi,my name is Sandglass:ybss1993 who leads 9th legendary gym.
You must have a ubers team when you wanna battle me:)

The rules are:
Ban pokemon:
latios/as with soul dew
multiscale lugia
prankster pokemon
forretress(I can use it but you cant:D)

Ban Item:
Soul dew
Custap berry

Ban ability:
serene grace

Wifi Ubers
Sleep clause,Freeze clause,OHKO clause,species clause,wifi battle

Feel free to challenge me.
You dont have to beat me when you beat 8th gym and try for e4s.
Good Luck.
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[Joking]Legendary Gym! Uber PowerXD
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