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 [Ground]Ddang Gym,Earth's Power!

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[Ground]Ddang Gym,Earth's Power! Empty
PostSubject: [Ground]Ddang Gym,Earth's Power!   [Ground]Ddang Gym,Earth's Power! I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 07, 2012 9:24 pm

Leader:Two Moons {[SBL]Two Moons]}

Bans:Scald. c:

The rules:
Wifi OU tiers {you don't say?)
Clauses:Freeze,Sleep,Evasion,Self KO,Species
Please don't challenge me.I will challenge you c:
Don't force leader for accepting your challenge.I still have a lot of thing to do Very Happy
If the GL gets DC'd,please do not close the window before I could reconnect,or we could repeat the battle c:
If you breaking the rules,please challenge the gym 3 (three) days after you broke the rule c:

Well,here's the gym,and you can challenge the gym.It's easy fo' sure c:

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[Ground]Ddang Gym,Earth's Power!
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