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 Quick Question Guidelines

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PostSubject: Quick Question Guidelines   Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:50 pm

If you have a Question, Suggestion or Feedback, make a topic and tell us

When making a thread with a suggestion, make sure it is well thought out and well presented. We are not going to consider your suggestion if it looks like it was written by a three year old. You need to tell us what your suggestion is, why and how much it will benefit the community, and any other information regarding the suggestion.

Do not ask random and pointless questions, make sure that the question has not been asked and/or answered numerous times before as this is considered duplication and may get you infracted

Please do not make a topic if you have no real aim or purpose, for example: "Omg its all rubbish make it better" is not a helpful suggestion for us.

Do not make suggestions unreasonable, make sure it is realistic and useful.
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Quick Question Guidelines
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